Video Transcripts

Video Transcripts

Firm Overview Video

Timothy McMahon: As personal injury attorneys we’re trying to help people that are generally catastrophically injured. And our job is to get them back on their feet, to help them get back to work, to help them get back to their families. And we do that by holding accountable those people, those companies, those corporations that have caused their injuries.

Robert Allard: The goal obviously is get the case resolved as quickly as possible to the client’s satisfaction, but the top dollar is not going to be paid unless the defense knows that you can and are able to successfully try a case.

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Robert Allard Video

Robert Allard: Primarily, I'm representing people who have been injured through the fault of others. And through my representation my goal and I mean this sincerely, is not just to put money in my client's pockets. That's important. It's important for them and for their families.

But as important to me, I want to make sure that we're achieving social change through this litigation. For example, making rules so that people aren't hurt in the future, or making it so that products are made safer. Those are as important to me in what I do. Because I think we as lawyers are uniquely positioned to help other people.

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Bradley Corsiglia Video

Bradley Corsiglia: My over 20 years of experience in handling medical negligence cases I believe sets me apart from most other lawyers who handle these types of cases.

Unlike a lot of areas in the law, handling medical malpractice cases require you to have a broad background in medicine which allows you then to not only evaluate the case but also to work up the case in dealing with the experts and taking the depositions of the defendant doctor and the defendant experts. And so it’s only when you’ve acquired that type of knowledge over many years can you be successful and effective.

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Timothy McMahon Video

Timothy McMahon: I have two unique aspects to my experience that makes me a great personal injury lawyer. I have a degree in biochemistry. My science background really helps, I think, understand the value of a case, the significance of the injuries and I can bring all of that knowledge back to my client to give them a full evaluation about what their case is worth and how we can best solve the problems with their case.

Secondly, for the first 15 years of my career, I was a defense attorney defending the corporations that injured people were suing. I have learned through that experience how to analyze a case from the defense perspective.

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