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At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we not only help the victims of dangerous truck accidents recover compensation from those who were responsible, we work to improve safety on California's roads by pushing for new laws and regulations, addressing problems with dangerous highways, and encouraging trucking companies to improve safety standards.

We have helped people injured by the negligence of truck drivers, trucking companies, and Caltrans obtain the compensation that addresses the harm that has been done to them. Below is a list of some of our case victories. To learn more about how we can help with your case, contact our San Jose truck accident attorneys online or call 408-289-1417.

  • $20.05 million settlement.
  • $18.68 million jury verdict for a truck and multiple vehicle accident on a dangerous highway resulting in wrongful deaths and injuries.
  • $13.7 million jury verdict holding two trucking companies accountable for the wrongful death of three individuals on Highway 152.
  • $10.9 million settlement for a truck accident resulting in wrongful death and injury. The truck driver was a chronic methamphetamine user with an extensive criminal history who had been involved in multiple on-the-job accidents.
  • $9.5 million settlement for the family of a boy killed in a collision with a truck and trailer on which six out of 10 brakes were faulty.
  • $9.3 million jury verdict for wrongful death of a mother and son in a truck accident which occurred due to deadly conditions caused by poor road design on Highway 156.
  • $8.4 million settlement.
  • $5.4 million settlement.
  • $5.35 million for a Bay Area bicyclist killed by a delivery truck.
  • $3.75 million settlement for wrongful death in a truck accident caused by a tire blowout. The truck was overloaded, and it had a bad tire which should have been discovered and replaced through mandatory inspections.
  • $1.85 million jury verdict for a motorcyclist who was injured in a head-on collision with another vehicle due to the careless operation of a beer truck.
  • $1.6 million settlement.
  • $1.3 million settlement.
  • $925,000 settlement for a woman who suffered severe neck injuries, facial scarring, and permanent neurological damage after being struck by a fatigued dump truck driver.
  • $900,000 for a young father and husband who sustained a brain injury and a variety of orthopedic injuries as the result of a truck-automobile accident.
  • $800,000 for a woman who sustained a severe leg injury as a result of a motorcycle-truck accident.
  • $750,000 policy limits settlement to four injured victims and wrongful death of an ejected fifth passenger as a result of a collision with a semi truck. Plaintiffs were unbelted and police investigation attributed fault to plaintiff driver and cause of injuries to lack of safety restraint use.
  • $635,000 for a woman who sustained a serious shoulder injury stemming from an automobile accident with a truck owned by a termite extermination company.

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