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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Bay Area Truck Crash Victims

Exceeding the speed limit is a common yet extremely dangerous driving behavior. It is a decision that creates danger for not only the speeding driver but also for the other occupants of the vehicle and those in other vehicles. With higher speeds comes the greater likelihood of injury in the event of an accident, and according to federal estimates, about 30 percent of all fatal accidents in the United States involve at least one speeding driver.

At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we recognize that speeding is an even more serious problem when the speeding vehicle is a large commercial truck. A commercial truck can measure up to 70 feet long and weight up to 40 tons, which means that the momentum generated at high speeds is almost immeasurable. When a speeding truck is involved in a crash, the consequences can be catastrophic. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a truck exceeding the speed limit, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help.

California Attorneys Helping Injured Victims

Truck drivers speed for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, a driver may be distracted and unaware of how fast the truck is traveling. In other situations, the driver may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also possible for a driver to exceed the speed limit intentionally as he or she attempts to meet strict delivery deadlines set by an employer, contractor, or transport company.

The driver’s reason for speeding could affect who may be financially liable if an accident occurs. For example, if a driver were clearly violating a company policy by texting while driving which led to inadvertent speeding, the driver would likely be primarily responsible for a crash. If, however, the trucking company offered financial incentives that effectively encouraged its drivers to exceed the speed limit, the company’s liability would likely be much greater.

Speed a Factor in Deadly Crash; Families of Victims Awarded $13.7 Million

Excessive speed—exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for the road conditions—is a factor a large number of truck accidents. An Oakland jury determined that a truck driver’s speed played a role in a crash that claimed the life of three people on Highway 152 in 2012. Attorney Bradley Corsiglia represented two of the victims’ families and helped to prove liability on the part of three separate truck drivers. The jury found in favor of the victims and awarded $13.7 million in damages.

Proving Speeding in a California Truck Accidents

If you have been injured in an accident with a large truck, it may be difficult to determine whether the truck was speeding. Most commercial trucks, however, are equipped with event data recorders (EDRs), which are sometimes called “black boxes.” An EDR can provide crucial data regarding the truck’s speed, steering, and even braking in the moments leading up to a crash.

At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we understand the importance of acting quickly to preserve the information recorded by an EDR. In addition to collecting EDR data, our attorneys will also review driver logs, driving history, personnel files, and any other information that could help in your pursuit of compensation.

Experienced Counsel Working Hard for You

Our team has represented truck accident victims in Northern California for more than a decade, and we have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Just as importantly, we know that each of our successes helps to make area roadways safer for all motorists.

We have successfully handled truck accidents throughout the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area, including but not limited to Highway 17, Highway 152, Highway 101, Highway 1, Highway 680, Highway 580, and Highway 5. If you or a loved one have been injured by a speeding truck, contact our office. Call (408) 289-1417 for a free consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney today.

Client Reviews
I absolutely cannot speak highly enough of CMA Law, particularly of Mr. McMahon, with whom I have had the most experience. My entire family and I trusted CMA with our case following a significant and life-altering vehicle accident, and to say they delivered is putting it lightly. They were reachable & personable at every stage of this arduous, complex, and scary process, made things easier at every stage, inspired us with confidence, and delivered results. If you're looking for a law firm to place the trust of you in your family in, look absolutely no further than CMA - this is your firm. Declan O.
I suffered a severe spinal injury while working as a farm mechanic in the Salinas Valley. The attorneys -Tim McMahon and Mark Sigala were fantastic from the beginning. They fought for me over 3 long years and in the end, we won a difficult liability case against the farm company who was using dangerous equipment. The defendants in the case tried everything to put the blame on me and even claimed I was their employee in order to avoid civil responsibility. Tim and Mark never gave up on me and my case. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are fighters. Adrian A.
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