Preventable Amputation Injuries and Complications

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Monterey amputation injury attorney, amputation injuries, surgical procedures, amputation statistics, severe injuriesAmputation is the medical term for the surgical removal of a limb from one’s body. The loss may be of all or a portion an extremity, such as a leg, arm, foot, hand, toe, or finger. Approximately two million Americans are living with the loss of a body part, all for various reasons. For the most part, amputations occur because it is medically necessary and all other options are exhausted. However, in other unfortunate cases, the injury is preventable.

Amputation Reasons and Statistics

Amputation may become medically necessary under a variety of conditions. Limbs most commonly need to be removed because of artery damage resulting in poor circulation, seen in patients with diabetes, or peripheral heart disease. Without the right amount of blood flow to the limb, oxygen and nutrients do not reach all cells of the body, and this frequently leads to damage, infection, and death of the tissue, especially if left untreated. Trauma and cancer also contribute to significant reasons requiring removal of a limb.

Other causative conditions include:

  • Serious infection;
  • Frostbite; and
  • Neuroma.

Improper Amputation Procedures

There are risks of complications involved with amputation, as with any surgical procedure. The location of the cut makes a difference, as well. For instance, amputation above the knee is riskier than amputation below the knee. Other complications may include a joint deformity, hematoma, infection, wound opening, tissue death, and blood clot. These complications occur even in a pre-scheduled and well-prepped operation. Under less desirable conditions, risks increase exponentially. Examples of less-than-perfect conditions include:

  • Emergency traumatic injury;
  • Amputation of the wrong limb;
  • Infection detection failure; and
  • Failure to remove the appendage at the appropriate time.

Get Legal Help

Amputations are life-altering in many ways that other surgeries are not. Patients must learn a new method to perform many of life’s daily functions, some of which are never fully mastered. Contact a compassionate Monterey, CA amputation injury attorney today to discuss potential monetary compensation from those ultimately responsible for your surgery.

The lawyers at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. work closely with experienced support staff, to include a nurse consultant, to thoroughly evaluate your injuries, and determine the extent to which the amputation impacts your life. Call us today at 408-289-1417 to schedule your free and confidential initial consultation. Our guarantee to you is if we do not win your case, you do not owe us attorney’s fees. Let us help you earn the compensation you deserve.



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