Leading Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

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San Jose truck accident injury attorney, truck rollover accidents, rollover accidents, speeding, distracted drivingSemi-trucks are not immune to the dangers of the road. Under the right conditions, these massive vehicles can roll just like every other vehicle. The difference with trucks is more than half of rollover accidents result in fatalities, compared to 30 percent of passenger vehicle rollovers. Truck drivers receive thorough training on how to lessen the chances of a rollover. It is surprising how quickly these accidents occur. Let us examine the leading factors attributed to the majority of semi-truck rollover accidents.

Loss of Truck Control

Any vehicle has turnover potential, but the added height of a semi gives it a higher center of gravity, which can make it top heavy. When a semi takes a curve too quickly or over corrects a maneuver, then the momentum in the back-half of the vehicle causes it to continue to swing in that direction. Unfortunately, while regaining control, other obstacles can “trip” the vehicle, such as a pothole, a curb, or a lamp post. Once the truck makes contact with these objects while unsteady, a rollover is highly likely. 

Truck Speed

Everyone is in a hurry and truck drivers are no exception. However, traveling at excessive speeds increases the likelihood of a rollover accident, nulling any time saved by increasing the rate. Even on straight roads, speeding is unsafe. More than half of all truck accidents occur on straight roads. In a recent Large Truck Crash Causation Study, 45 percent of the rollover accidents investigated were caused by driving too quickly. 


Rollovers are more likely to happen on curves when the weight distribution of the vehicle is slightly off-center. Nearly one-third of the accident fatalities analyzed occurred because a truck driver took a curve too quickly, misjudged the curve, or the load was unbalanced.

Inattentive Drivers 

Distracted driving is an epidemic on our nation’s highways. As a driver in a passenger vehicle, it is alarming to look over and see the driver next to you staring at his or her phone, putting on makeup, or reaching in the backseat. What most passenger drivers do not see is that truck drivers are also culprits of the same distracted behavior. There are proper time and place for cell phone usage, and it does not include behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Most Accidents are Preventable 

The unfortunate truth is most truck rollover accidents are preventable. Studies show that most accidents occur during daylight hours and on straight, dry roads. Even when the conditions are unsatisfactory, the truck driver must protect other drivers on the road by adjusting his or her driving habits. If you or a loved one suffered injuries from a negligent truck driver, Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. will work hard to protect your rights and earn you the compensation you deserve. Contact a San Jose, CA truck accident injury attorney at 408-289-1417 today to set up your free personalized consultation.


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