The Alarming Increase in Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths

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Monterey bicycle injury attorney, pedestrian injuries, pedestrian accident, cyclist fatalities, transportation fatalitiesWith the help of the U.S. Department of Transportation, communities across the country have a mission to support transportation options for all Americans. The most livable communities boast safe and convenient transportation choices for all residents, whether it is via biking, walking, public transit, or automobile. Unfortunately, of all of these types of transportation, pedestrians and cyclists continually make up approximately 16 percent of transportation fatalities—a statistic that is rising. Without the metal cage of a car for protection, this population remains vulnerable to drunk or distracted drivers.

The Problem 

Roads and cities are designed to compensate for the maximum amount of car flow—i.e. squeezing in as many driving lanes as possible and shorter traffic lights. None of this is conducive to the mobilization of anyone who chooses alternative transportation. Bikes are not allowed on sidewalks because they are a danger to pedestrians; however, they are also not allowed on streets as bike lanes are disappearing.

Additionally, at traffic lights, anyone crossing the street must do so at a rapid pace because the light only pauses for so-long and there is no longer a safety median because it most likely became a turning lane years ago.

However, even in cities that support the more cost-effective methodologies, drivers in vehicles still present a problem. Consider the following statistics: 

  • California ranks among the top four states for bicycle deaths;
  • About 80 cyclists die annually from distracted driving; and
  • Alcohol involvement results in approximately one-third of cyclist fatalities. 

Why Not Just Buy a Car?

If bicycling and walking is as dangerous as the statistics prove, why does the number of people choosing the bicycle or a good pair of walking shoes increase? This is a valid question and one that is posed by many in our society.

Our society focuses on luxury, ease, and immediate results, thus making personal automobiles the primary method of transportation. However, those opting to turn their four wheels in for two see many other benefits, which include the following: 

  • Cost effectiveness;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Health benefits; and
  • Stress reduction.

Get Help 

Unfortunately, cities are engineered for motorists rather than cyclists or pedestrians. If you are injured as a pedestrian or cyclists, then it is essential to have the assistance of a Monterey, CA personal injury attorney on your side. Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. has a reputation for aggressively defending the underdog and earning clients the compensation owed. Call us today at 408-289-1417 to explore your options in a free, no-obligation consultation.



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