Grieving Mother Combats Distracted Driving After Losing Her Son in an Accident

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California distracted driving accident lawyersAlthough texting while driving is strictly prohibited in most states - California included - it continues to be one of the biggest contributing factors in auto accident deaths in America. In fact, it is the exact reason that a local mother is grieving the loss of her son. The accident happened, despite the numerous discussions with her son. Now she plans to do something about it. Learn more about this mother’s journey, and discover what you can do if you or someone you love is injured in an accident by a distracted driver.

A Mother’s Grief

It has been three months since the California woman last hugged her son goodbye. He was on his way to work, had taken the highway, and was apparently sending a text while driving in the fast lane. Though it may not have been the reason for him losing control of his vehicle, it was likely a contributing factor to the accident. He rolled the car and it went over an embankment. Though people ran to rescue him, it was already too late. He died almost instantly.

The mother has struggled with her son’s death, but the one thing that keeps her going is honoring his memory. She does that through a Facebook group that is dedicated to educating others on the risks of texting while driving. She wants to do all she can to keep other mothers from experiencing the same pain she is feeling – regardless of whether it was their own child was texting, or someone else. Plain and simple, texting and driving (or any cell phone use, for that matter) can be deadly.

Death and Injuries Caused by Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is thought to be responsible for nearly 3,500 deaths and almost 400,000 injuries each year. Sometimes, the deaths are experienced by the person texting, which may limit the payout of an insurance claim or cause the claim to be denied. However, those that are victims of a distracted driver may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and losses they sustain (including wrongful death). Sadly, proving fault in such accidents can be difficult since law enforcement does not always investigate whether cell phone use was a factor in a crash. As such, it is highly recommended that victims seek assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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