Fall and Winter Safety Tips to Help Cyclists Avoid Injuries

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San Jose bicycle accident lawyer fall winter weatherIn recent years, San Jose has been recognized as California’s most bike-friendly city, and people throughout the area enjoy cycling for pleasure or as part of their daily commute. While many cyclists hang up their wheels at the onset of fall and winter, others continue to ride their bicycles throughout the year. Cycling is more daunting in cold weather than it is in the warm summer sunshine, and cyclists will want to take extra steps to protect themselves as they enjoy their favorite pastime year-round. These safety tips can help you prevent a bicycle accident in the fall and winter seasons:

Wear Proper Clothing

The correct weather gear will allow a cyclist to maintain mobility while also preventing cold temperatures from seeping in. Although a new cycling wardrobe may seem like an unnecessary expense, the right gear will provide safety and comfort for many years. Consider these clothing tips:

  • Wear multiple layers to provide warmth when necessary, while allowing you to remove clothing once your internal temperature ramps up. 
  • Fleeces and waterproof clothes can cause you to sweat even in cold weather. When sweat accumulates, you will feel wet, cold, and clammy. Cycle-specific clothing will help you stay moisture-free.
  • Do not forget your gloves. Your hands are vital to your safety when bicycle riding. Opt for good quality, wind-proof gloves and overshoes to keep these sensitive areas warm.
  • Protect your eyes from road spray and grit by wearing clear or lightly tinted glasses.

Prepare for Tire Problems

The fall and winter seasons are prime time for tire punctures. Carry multiple tubes with you, as well as a tire pump. Many riders opt for a CO2 cartridge, but these can freeze in cold temperatures.

Eat and Drink Appropriately

Cycling takes a significant amount of energy. Eat before any ride to avoid dizziness, low blood sugar, or lightheadedness from lack of nutrition. Pack a snack and stay hydrated. While moisture lost through sweat may not be as noticeable in cold temperatures, you will still be losing fluids that you will want to replenish.

Keep Your Lights On

Even in daylight, it is a good idea to have a headlight on your bike to help draw attention to your presence. In fall and winter, the days can become gloomy and overcast, making it more necessary to announce your location to drivers.

Install Mudguards

Mud and grime from the roads are often kicked up by bicycle or car tires, and this debris can land in the face of a cyclist, causing them to lose control and crash. Dirt can also wind up all over your backside in a very inconvenient way. Install mudguards on your bicycle to keep yourself and other riders safe.

Contact a San Jose Personal Injury Attorney

Fall and winter weather can make cycling more dangerous, so it is important to protect yourself while on your bicycle. However, even the most careful cyclists may be unable to avoid being struck by a vehicle, which can result in serious, life-changing injuries. If you have been injured in a collision while cycling, a Santa Clara County bicycle accident injury lawyer can help. The attorneys at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. will defend your rights and work to hold the negligent parties responsible for your damages. Call us today at 408-289-1417 to schedule a free initial consultation and find out how we can help.


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