Defensive Driving Tactics That Can Reduce Your Risk of an Automobile Accident

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San Jose car crash lawyersWhen it comes to driving and auto accidents, there is one tragic truth: regardless of how careful of a driver you are, there is still always the risk of a crash. Drunk drivers, drugged drivers, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, and other negligent individuals can cause you to wreck. Weather conditions may cause another driver to lose control and you could be caught in the crossfire. Thankfully, safe driving practices like defensive driving can decrease your overall risk. Learn more about these tactics in the following sections, and discover how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help with your auto accident claim.

Give Dangerous Drivers Extra Room

While you cannot control the actions of the drivers around you, you can put more room between your vehicle and the vehicle of a dangerous driver. If they are in front of you, slow down and add more following space. If they are behind you, either slow down or pull off to the side of the road so that they can pass you (but only if you can do so safely). Drivers are also encouraged to add extra space between themselves and other vehicles if either the roads or weather pose a hazard.

Report Seriously Negligent Drivers

If you see a driver who is obviously drunk, drugged, or driving so recklessly that it could endanger the lives of others, you may want to consider reporting them. Even if you are not in an accident with them, their behavior places every other road user at risk. Plus, you never know whether you will encounter that same reckless driver again.

Never Engage with an Aggressive or Dangerous Driver

Whether you are experiencing issues with an aggressive driver, drunken driver, drugged driver, or someone who is dealing with a case of road rage – never engage! Do not make eye contact or gestures and avoid the temptation of honking your horn. Do not get out of your vehicle and do not argue. Instead, breathe deeply and focus on keeping yourself safe. If you need help from the authorities, do not be afraid to ask for it.

Contact Our San Jose Auto Accident Attorneys

If you or someone you love has been in an auto accident because of another driver’s negligent actions, it is important that you find qualified legal representation. Insurance companies, who typically do everything they can to deny or reduce their payout. Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP can protect your right to pursue compensation. Dedicated to your best interest, our San Jose auto accident attorneys will aggressively seek the most favorable settlement possible in your case. Schedule a free initial consultation to get started. Call 408-289-1417 today.



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