Auto Accidents at Intersections – What Every Driver Should Know

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San Jose auto accident lawyersStatistics indicate that nearly half of all automobile crashes occur at intersections. Why is this, and what rights might a victim have in such a situation? The following information explains further, and it provides details on when, where, and why victims are encouraged to seek legal assistance before filing a personal injury claim.

Never Assume Other Drivers Will Give the Right-of-Way

When crossing through intersections, drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists should all watch carefully for non-yielding drivers. Whether they are in a rush, intoxicated, or simply unaware of the traffic rules, these individuals pose a serious risk to other intersection users. One top for avoiding red light runners and individuals passing through intersections when they do not have the right-of-way is to watch their tires, rather than their vehicle, for movement and signs of direction (which is critical information if you are making a left turn through the intersection).

Exercise Caution When Turning Right on Red

As long as the intersection does not explicitly prohibit right turns on red lights, drivers may pass through the intersection while turning right, as long as they are not disrupting the flow of traffic. Sadly, some intersections make it especially difficult for right turning vehicles to see through the intersection to ensure their safety. If you need to make a right turn on red at an intersection, come to a complete stop, inch forward, and then cautiously move into the flow of traffic once a large enough gap becomes available. If you are ever in doubt, wait it out.

Malfunctioning Traffic Light Systems Increase Crash Risk

When traffic light systems are malfunctioning or otherwise out of order, they exponentially increase the risk of an accident. Much of this is due to the congested nature of stop-light intersections, but a lack of knowledge on how to proceed through an intersection with a malfunctioning light is also a factor. If you come upon one yourself, treat it like a four-way-stop and exercise extreme caution as you proceed through the intersection.

Pursuing Compensation Can Be a Complex Process

Pursuing compensation after an auto accident can be a complex process; the nature of intersections can make investigations only complicates matters further. Victims may also find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when trying to negotiate with the insurance companies. As such, victims are highly encouraged to seek legal counsel before filing an accident claim.  

Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP can protect your rights and best interests after an auto accident. Dedicated and experienced, our San Jose traffic accident attorneys will aggressively pursue the most favorable outcome possible in your case. Schedule a free initial consultation to get started with your claim. Call 408-289-1417 today.



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