Auto Accident Victims Are Often at a Disadvantage in the Pursuit for Compensation

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California car accident lawyersIn the aftermath of an auto accident, victims hope that their claim will be handled professionally and promptly by the insurance company – after all, that is why drivers pay for their insurance. Sadly, many learn that the claims process is anything but simple or fair. Instead, victims may experience numerous disadvantages while fighting calloused insurance companies. Learn what these disadvantages are and discover how you can mitigate against them.

Intentional Delays and Low-Ball Offers

Although insurance companies are supposed to process claims in a timely manner, many will find ways to create lengthy delays. For example, they might ask repeatedly for the same information, stating they never received it, even though you have sent it through every means possible. Combat issues like this by having your attorney handle all communications and information transfer. They are typically knowledgeable of the delaying tactics that insurance companies use and they have strategies for dealing with them.

Low-ball offers can be used in conjunction with or independent of lengthy and intentional delays. Either way, this strategy is all about saving money for the insurance company. They hope you do not have all your receipts and records, that you miss some of the compensable losses, and that you have no idea what your injuries and losses are “worth.” It is how they save the most money. An attorney can protect your rights through the claims process and ensure you are not further victimized by the insurance company after an automobile accident.

Loopholes and Technicalities

Auto accident victims should also be aware that insurance companies use loopholes and technicalities to their advantage, whenever possible. Take, for example, the case of a woman who was hit by a driver while crossing the street on her motorized scooter. Though the insurance company covered the cost of her medical expenses, they refused to replace her chair, which had been snapped in two during the accident. They claimed it was because a motorized scooter was not considered a “motor vehicle,” and therefore, it was not covered. Yet, after news sources stepped in to help, the insurance company quickly realized that the motorized wheelchair was an extension of that woman’s body and she needed it to get around.

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