Amusement Park Injuries – What Families Should Know Before Heading to the Theme Park This Year

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San Jose premises liability lawyersCalifornia is a mecca for thrill seekers, dreamers, and adventurers of all sorts. Unfortunately, not every theme park visitor is aware of the potential risks. Learn more about the dangers of theme parks, how you can protect yourself, and what you can do if an injury happens to you or someone you know and love.

Understanding the Risks

It seems that each year, news stories highlight the gruesome deaths and injuries that occur in theme parks. Last year alone, 452 serious injuries occurred at the nation’s biggest theme parks. That does not count the fairs and smaller theme parks and water parks. It also does not cover the minor injuries that were not recorded, and there is no indication of if any of those injuries may have ended in a fatality.

Protecting Your Family from Injury

While families could prevent injury by not attending theme parks, this can be a little unreasonable. Theme parks exist for a reason, and there are few things in this world more fun, exciting, and thrilling as a trip to your favorite park. What you can do is ensure you are educated, prepared, and protected before you go.

Watch for injury reports on the theme park you plan to visit and look for trends. If you happen to notice a recent increase in injuries, consider looking at another park. You should also abide by all safety rules and regulations, particularly when it comes to height and weight restrictions. Avoid wearing loose clothing and have all long hair tied and pinned. Long hair and flowy clothing can get caught in moving parts and may increase your overall risk of injury. It is also crucial that you avoid going after any items that are lost on rides. Doing so can result in death or serious injuries.

How Our San Jose Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Theme park injuries are sometimes compensable, but obtaining a settlement is a complex and lengthy process. Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP can help. Dedicated and experienced, our San Jose premises liability lawyers will fight for your rights and aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve. Learn more about how we can help. Call 408-289-1417 and schedule your free consultation with us today.



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