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Versus residential construction contractors on behalf of a young child hit by a car. The settlement secured by attorney Robert Allard is believed to be one of the highest resolutions for a single claimant in Santa Clara County history.

Attorney Brad Corsiglia secured a $3.5 million settlement against a major health care provider when an initial misdiagnosis and a substantial delay caused his client’s cancer to progress from treatable stage one lung cancer to incurable stage four cancer with a two year life expectancy. Learn more by reading the full press release.

Attorney Robert Allard helped recover over $2 million in gross damages for a woman's serious injuries resulting from a car accident.

Motorcycle accident which occurred in San Jose, CA on April 30, 2007. The trial before the Honorable Joseph Huber lasted over three weeks and the plaintiff was represented by Robert Allard of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. Learn more by reading the full press release.

$1,700,000 awarded to motorcyclist who was driving his motorcycle through a parking lot in Fresno when broadsided by another vehicle. The victim suffered a head injury while wearing a “novelty” helmet which offered no protection for head and brain injuries, as the helmet was not approved for sale or use by the Federal Department of Transportation. The injured motorcyclist was represented by attorney Timothy D. McMahon.

$1,450,000 received for a construction worker who was injured when a scissor lift he was operating tipped over in a hole left uncovered by one of the subcontractors. The injured worker suffered a wrist and elbow fracture that prevented him from returning to his profession as a dry waller. Attorneys Timothy D. McMahon and Mark A. Sigala represented the plaintiff, who had no prior training on the scissor lift and thought he could safely operate the lift around the uncovered holes. Learn more about our construction accidents practice by visiting our workplace accident website.

$900,000 jury verdict received for bicyclist who was seriously injured when he was run over by car. Despite the defense argument that the bicyclist was entirely responsible for the accident since he was not using a headlight as required by California Vehicle Code, the jury determined that the bicyclist was only partially responsible and instead awarded 10 percent comparative negligence. The case was handled by attorney Robert Allard.

$750,000 settlement won behalf of 75-year-old gentleman confined to a wheelchair who was injured during surgery. For 60 years, the man had been confined to a wheelchair due to post polio syndrome. In a center for eye surgery, he was unable to move himself on the operating room table as it did not lower sufficiently. The facility was not equipped with a lift that would have allowed a safe transfer from the wheelchair to the table and as a result three doctors and a nurse attempted to lift the 235 lb patient to the table and in the process fractured his tibia. The man later tore his left rotator cuff trying to reposition his casted leg which rendered him totally dependent for all subsequent transfers. Learn more about our medical malpractice practice by visiting our medical malpractice website.

$387,000 jury verdict for 41-year-old skateboarder who was hit and severely injured by a car. The lawsuit filed was by attorney Robert Allard, who was assisted during the trial by Oakland, CA attorney David Martin, Santa Cruz County, Case CV164671. The case alleged that a car driven by caused serious and permanent injuries to skateboarder Erwood following the December 2007 accident. In December 2007, Erwood was riding his skateboard on Capitola Road in Santa Cruz when a car driven by Dominican Foundation Board member James Hatch struck him, knocking him off the skateboard, and then ran over him. Hatch left the scene, leaving a seriously injured Erwood lying on the ground. Hatch then returned to the car accident scene and upon seeing emergency vehicles attending to Erwood left the scene once again. For more, read the full story about the case.

$360,000 settlement received for an assault and battery case involving a 15-year-old minor who was shot in the face at point blank range by pellet gun owned by neighbor. The minor was represented by attorney Robert Allard.

$320,000 settlement for the family of an 82-year-old man who was injured in a slip and fall accident. The elderly man slipped and fell while walking down a stairway at a home improvement store. The store did not provide sufficient warnings for the step area where he fell, and after the accident, modified those steps to install a hand-railing and warn about the condition. As a result of the fall, the 82-year-old fractured his hip; he died in the hospital two days later from complications arising from hip surgery. Just prior to the accident the plaintiff had been hospitalized for a potential stroke and severe obstructive pulmonary disease caused by over 30 years of smoking, so the defendants argued that the plaintiff had a life expectancy of less than a year had the accident not happened. Attorney Timothy D. McMahon represented the family and helped secure the settlement.

$307,500 settlement for an elderly man who slipped and fell on soapy water at a fast food restaurant. As a result of his fall, he broke his hip. The premises liability case was handled by attorney Robert Allard.

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