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Press Releases & News

$9.274 Million Jury Verdict After Caltrans Refuses to Compensate Victims

Making Highways Safer from Truck Accidents

For decades, Highway 156 has been one of California's most dangerous highways. In fact, it has been operating beyond capacity since the mid-1970s and has quickly become not only dangerous—but also deadly.

When Caltrans had an opportunity to correct these issues, they only succeeded in making them worse by designing a rumble strip that created significant safety issues. The rumble strip encouraged drivers to legally stop in the highway in order to turn left across oncoming traffic. Also, by installing a rumble strip to discourage head-on collisions, they did nothing to account for rear-end accidents, which were 480% more prevalent than head-on collisions.

The actions by Caltrans led to a catastrophic and deadly trucking accident in 2010 that claimed the life of a young mother and a small boy.

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Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard Announces $3.75 Million Wrongful Death Trucking Accident Settlement

The settlement sends a message to the trucking industry that poorly maintained and overloaded trucks that injure or kill innocent people will cost you.

San Jose, CA – June 8, 2018 -- The law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard is announcing the settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit for $3.75 million. The defendants in the case, Destination Anywhere Trucking and to a lesser degree Granite Construction were held responsible for the death of 30-year-old Yadvinder Singh. Mr. Singh was killed on July 17, 2017, when the Destination Anywhere Super Dump truck blew a tire on Highway 33. The sudden front passenger side tire blowout caused the truck to veer off the road, overturn, and kill Mr. Singh.

In the case of Destination Anywhere, the trucking company agreed to pay $2.75 million for its part in Mr. Singh's death. The legal team of Robert Allard and Mark Boskovich determined that Destination Anywhere failed to conduct a mandatory 90-day inspection on the truck, just two days before the fatal crash. It was a fact admitted by an expert for Destination Anywhere. If they had done the inspection, according to a trial brief filed by Boskovich, the company would have discovered that the right front tire tread was well below the legal limit and the tire would require replacement before the truck could go on the road again. The Allard/Boskovich duo also learned that prior Destination Anywhere 90-day reports exhibited a pattern of "pencil whipping," a practice that marks the report with all positive checkmarks. Lastly, plaintiff counsel were ready to show that Destination Anywhere registered Mr. Singh's truck to carry more than ten percent of the vehicle's legal weight.

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Jury Holds Caltrans Responsible for Dangerous Highway Condition Truck Accident

Wrongful Death Trucking Accident Jury Verdict

A Monterey County jury reached a verdict of nearly $18.7 million, holding Caltrans responsible in a Highway 156 double-fatality wrongful death trucking accident in 2010.

"This verdict confirms that Caltrans had known about a dangerous highway condition for more than 30 years. Rather than fixing the problem, Caltrans made a dangerous condition deadly," said Robert Allard, attorney for one of the victims.

“The jury has spoken. It is time for Caltrans to make Highway 156 safer for all motorists by at a minimum preventing vehicles from stopping or slowing down on a two lane 55 mile per hour highway so that motorists can turn left across oncoming traffic and into private driveways,” said Mr. Allard.

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Highway 17 Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlement Reached

Making Highway 17 Safer for Motorists

Attorney Robert Allard announced a $9.5 million settlement reached during trial in the Highway 17 truck accident lawsuit filed by Gail Jean and Doug McGuire stemming from the July 10, 2014 collision that resulted in the passing of their beloved son Daniel.

This unprecedented settlement also includes a court order that Iqbal Tambar and Surinder Banwait, owners of Saini Trucking and Saini Bros Trucking respectively, follow the law going forward or face possible jail time and hefty financial fines.

Further, through this lawsuit and the courageous actions taken by the McGuires, two separate trucking companies which had an established record of breaking the laws were forced into bankruptcy.

This settlement needs to serve as a wake-up call for the trucking industry. Here is the message which the McGuires want to send to any and all trucking companies across our country:

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SCCTLA Honors Lauren Cerri & Robert Allard as 2016 Trial Lawyers of the Year

January 9, 2017 — San Jose, CA — The Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association honored attorneys Lauren Cerri and Robert Allard of the San Jose, CA firm Corsiglia, McMahon and Allard for their continued work in representing childhood sexual abuse victims against a national daycare provider. Ms. Cerri was the lead attorney for the plaintiffs' legal team. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant day care center negligently failed to protect four little girls, ranging in ages from 3 years to 8 years, from sexual abuse by a day care employee.

"Lauren is fully committed to devoting her full professional attention and focus to representing children who have been sexually abused by institutional employees, and it showed in this case," said Allard. "She willingly took the lead on this case and was able to successfully guide our legal team throughout our trial preparation and the commencement of trial, culminating with a tremendous result."

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