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The difference in weight between a big rig and a standard passenger car is enormous. Unfortunately, even relatively low-speed truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. That is why truckers and trucking companies are held to higher legal standards.

Injured in a Truck Accident?

At the law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. in San Jose, our respected San Jose truck accident lawyers have many years of experience representing truck accident victims and their families. We take pride in taking on companies and individuals who needlessly endanger the public. Contact us today for a free consultation; call 408-289-1417. You will pay nothing unless we win your case.

Notable Case Result: $750,000 policy limits settlement to four injured victims and wrongful death of an ejected fifth passenger as a result of a collision with a semi truck.

Holding Truckers Accountable to Federal and State Law

Because big rigs and other large commercial trucks are so dangerous when they are involved in an accident, there are special federal and state laws governing what truckers and trucking companies must do to protect the safety of others. The major agencies regulating California trucking are:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: This federal agency makes rules for the entire U.S. interstate commercial trucking industry. These rules govern how often truck drivers must take breaks, how often their trucks must be inspected, what procedures they must follow when securing loads and more.
  • California Public Utilities Commission: This state agency makes regulations for trucks operating in California, including trucks that are not involved in interstate commerce. The rules are similar to the federal rules in some ways but also go farther in some areas.

When truck drivers and trucking companies violate these regulations and end up causing accidents, evidence of their violations can play a powerful role in the determination of personal injury compensation. Our attorneys are experienced at identifying and investigating truck safety violations.

Standing Up to Aggressive Insurance Company Tactics

In California, trucks are required to carry at least $750,000 worth of liability insurance due to the possibility that they will end up causing serious injuries in accidents. As a result, trucking insurance companies can be very aggressive defending against personal injury claims.

Speak to a Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Our San Jose truck accident attorneys are experienced at going up against the big insurance carriers to get the compensation our clients deserve for their truck accident injuries. In addition to San Jose, we serve clients in cities such as Santa Cruz, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and other Bay Area cities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free case evaluation by our respected legal team; call 408-289-1417.


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