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What to Do After an Accident Recent Firm Cases Auto Accidents ATV, Jet Ski & RV Accidents Bicycle Accidents Boat Accidents Bus Accidents Car Accidents Commercial Vehicle Accidents Construction Zone Accidents Distracted Driver Accidents Drunk Driver Accidents Hit-and-Run Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Pedestrian Accidents Pickup Truck Accidents Public Transit Accidents Rear-End Auto Accidents Rollover Auto Accidents Teen Driver Accidents Truck Accidents Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Auto Defect Injuries Accelerator Defect Injuries Brake Defect Injuries Steering Wheel Defect Injuries Tire Blowout Injuries Motorcycle & Bike Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Bicycle Accidents California Motorcycle & Bicycle Laws Improper Maintenance & Defective Product Accidents Dangerous Road Conditions Fatal Accidents Accidents Involving Cars Older Motorcyclist Severe Injuries Rights & Responsibilities Brain Injuries Spinal Cord Injuries California Bike Safety Bill Catastrophic Injuries & Fatalities Broken Bones & Joint Injuries Burn Injuries Loss of Limb or Amputation Injuries Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Spinal Cord Injuries Wrongful Death Head & Brain Injuries Mild Brain Injuries & Post-Concussion Syndrome Recovering From a Brain Injury Signs and Symptoms of Brain Damage Other Serious Personal Injuries Animal Bite Injuries Assault Injuries Child Injuries Elder Abuse School & Day Care Accidents Premises Liability Amusement Park Accidents Scaffolding & Ladder Fall Injuries Construction Accidents Homeowner Liability Negligent Security Injuries Slip & Fall Accidents Sports Injury & Recreational Accidents Swimming Pool Accidents Product Liability Consumer Products Electrical Injuries Defective Child Toy Injuries Defective Sports Equipment Injuries Sexual Abuse Injuries USA Swimming Sex Abuse Workplace Injuries Medical Malpractice En Español Case Victories Media Video Gallery Awards & Memberships Blog Motorcycle Riders Face Increased Roadway Dangers Self-Driving Vehicles and the Future of Car Accident Claims Stairwell Falls Can Cause Serious and Permanent Injuries to Victims – What Are Your Rights? Construction Negligence and Auto Accident Injuries – What Victims Should Know Non-Disclosure Agreements Often Keep Sex Abuse Victims Quiet Auto Accident Victims Are Often at a Disadvantage in the Pursuit for Compensation Bounce Houses and the Risk of Injury – What Parents Should Know Recalls of Children's Products Not Effective Enough Auto Accidents at Intersections – What Every Driver Should Know Defensive Driving Tactics That Can Reduce Your Risk of an Automobile Accident What You Need to Know About the #MeToo Movement Study Says the Legalization of Marijuana is Responsible for Colorado’s Rising Car Crash Rate PTSD: The Silent Car Accident Injury Could a Smartphone Be Trusted to Detect Traumatic Brain Injury? Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries Keeping Children Safe While Traveling to and from School Appeals Court Upholds Assumption of Risk for Injured Horseback Rider Pedestrian Are Being Hit in Record Numbers, Even in Cities with High “Walk Scores” Home Depot to Pay $5.7 Million for Continuing to Sell Recalled Products Rule Changes in High School Football Look to Decrease Head Injuries Even Mild Concussions May Cause Swelling in the Brain, Study Finds Examining the Most Common Causes of Fatal Car Crashes Plea Deal for Doctor Accused of Sex Abuse Draws Criticism Older Motorcyclists More Likely to Sustain Thoracic Injuries, Study Finds Grieving Mother Combats Distracted Driving After Losing Her Son in an Accident California Fairs Close Rides Following Fatal Accident in Ohio Distracted Driving and Opioid Abuse Are Driving Up Rate of Auto Accident Deaths Common Car Accident Injuries: Understanding Whiplash Fatal Motorcycle Accidents May Result in Serious Financial Troubles for Surviving Family California Souplantation Facing Its First Lawsuit After Shigellosis Outbreak Injuries Commonly Sustained by Elder Abuse Victims Televangelist’s Granddaughter Awarded Damages for Sex Abuse Cover-Up Ford, Kia, and Hyundai Are Recalling Dangerous and Defective Vehicles Caltrans is Facing Litigation for Failing to Remove Tree on Highway 99 Woman Injured After Being Dropped By Airline Employee Lane Splitting Safety, Stipulations, and Risks Can Social Media Use Impact the Outcome of Your Personal Injury Claim? Liability for Public Transportation Injuries Protecting Kids and Teens from Injury during the 100 Deadliest Days of the Year Staying Safe on the Road Over Memorial Day Weekend Escalators Present Dangers to Unaware Shoppers Auto Accidents and the Spine – Understanding the Dangers and Prognosis Residential Swimming Pool Laws Amusement Park Injuries – What Families Should Know Before Heading to the Theme Park This Year Treating an Animal Bite – What You Should Know Service Dogs and Traumatic Brain Injuries Public Pool Safety Laws Cyclist Accidents a Growing and Pervasive Problem in California Light Adaptation That Corresponds with Time of Day May Improve Outcomes for ICU Patients Attorney B. Robert Allard Finalizes Settlement in School Molestation Case Obtaining Compensation for Assault and Battery Injuries Driverless Cars and Accidents - Who Would Be Liable? Dog Bite Liability in San Jose Ford Facing Allegations and Possible Lawsuit Over SUV Leaky Exhaust Fumes Fungal Molecule Discovery Could Lead to the Development of a Revolutionary Drug for Brain and Spine Injury Victims Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle in California California Cracks Down on Distracted Driving with New Cell Phone Law Parental Liability for the Actions of Children School Bus Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case? Dealing with Serious Burn Injuries Bicycle Safety in California: Take the Lane Another Medical Device Associated with Bacterial Infections Recent Clinical Trial Success for a TBI Treatment Drug Could Improve Outcomes for Severely Injured Victims Can You File a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse Following a Related Criminal Trial? Wrongful Death in Bus and Transit Accidents Preventing Bicycle Accidents California Pedestrian Deaths Continue to Rise, Despite Being Highest in the Nation Confusing Construction Zones Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries and Wrongful Deaths Personal Injury Cases Can No Longer Use Immigration Status to Determine a Victim’s Settlement Amount Planning to Use a Food Processor for Holiday Meals? Check It for Recalls First DUI Victim Compensation – What You Should Know About Your DUI Accident Claim Oakland Blaze May Prompt Wrongful Death Action Seeking Compensation for Psychological Injuries After a Dog Bite Child Pedestrian Accidents Dealing with a Hit-and-Run Accident in the San Jose Area Avoid Potentially Dangerous Toys This Holiday Season NHTSA Wants Consumers to Complain About Their Cars and Help Prevent Injury Motorcycle Helmets and Accident Liability Traumatic Brain Injury May Be an Independent Risk Factor for Ischemic Stroke The Tragic Impact of a Bus Accident Dealing with the Aftereffects of a Burn Injury Weather Conditions and Motorcycle Accidents Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Injury is Gaining Traction, Giving Hope to Personal Injury Victims What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries Comparative Fault in Motorcycle Accidents Drunk Commercial Drivers and Increased Damages Business Liability for Criminal Conduct Watch Out for Defective Car Parts New Gas Pipeline Safety Regulations Proposed Arbitration Agreements and Limiting Rights to Sue Wrongful Death Action for the Loss of a Minor Car Accident Injury Prevention and Car Seat Regulations Car Accident Prevention New Crosswalks and Pedestrian Accident Prevention Personal Injury and Intoxication Tragic Incident: Toddler Falls from Third-Story Window in Foster City Intoxicated Minors and Personal Injury Liability Attorney’s Fees and Injured Minors Settling a Minor’s Personal Injury Claim Pokémon Go Liability Minors’ Negligence and the Standard of Care Minors and Sexual Abuse Suits Leash Laws and Animal Attacks Pedestrian Accidents and California Laws Animal Attacks: Defenses to California Dog Bite Law Animal Attack Dangers: Wild Animals Zoo Liability for Animal Attacks Calculating Damages Sustained in a Motorcycle Accident Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents Common Injuries Associated With Truck Accidents State and Federal Regulations in Truck Accidents Psychological Injuries Caused By Car Accidents Common Causes of Truck Accidents and Related Injuries Reporting California Car Accidents Calculating Pain and Suffering in Car Accidents Car Accidents and Wheelchair Users Window Blind Cords and Product Liability for Personal Injury Emotional Harm and Premises Liability in Berkeley, California Balcony Accident Drunk Driving and Blood Alcohol Content Bridge Collapses Cause Catastrophic Injuries Automobile Repair Fraud and Personal Injury Proposed Laws Target Drone Accidents and Injuries Personal Injury Liability for Apartment Fires Children and Non-Traffic Auto Accidents Salmonella Scare Raises Concerns About Food Safety Trial Begins for First Zoloft Birth Defect Lawsuit Child Abuse and Neglect: Statistics Indicate a Serious Problem for the U.S. Slow-Moving Vehicles and Bicycles Liability in Motorcycle Accidents, Part 1 Earphone Use While Driving California Driving Laws for Seniors Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Hoverboard Accidents Nursing Home Peer Abuse Scarring and Disfigurement Defective Guardrails Drunk Driving and Personal Injury Railroad Crossing Accidents Standard of Care for Minors in California Express Assumption of Risk Disability and Personal Injury Liability California DMV Publishes Self-Driving Vehicle Accident Reports California’s Three Feet for Safety Law Bayer Settles Multiple Defective Drug-Related Lawsuits New Law Prohibits Defense of Consent in Sexual Abuse Cases Negotiation in Personal Injury Cases Court Requires Strict Adherence to Procedural Requirements in Motions for New Trial Toxic Injuries in California Cancer Alert List Torts and Transferred Intent Governmental Immunity from Tort Liability in California School District Liability for Student Injuries Does the Ban on Cell Phones While Driving Make Us Safer Drivers? California’s Collateral Source Rule School District Liability for Student Injuries Off School Grounds Liability of Coaches and Trainers in California Affirmative Defenses to Negligence Volunteer Liability in California Children and Premises Liability in California Superseding Causes and Negligence Claims Premises Liability and Recreational Immunity Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Minors California Premises Liability Minor Children and Personal Injury Settlements Mitigating Damages in California Personal Injury Cases Sexual Disease Transmission Lawsuits Product Liability: Fluoroquinolones Causes Irreversible Peripheral Neuropathy Negligence Per Se Defective Car Parts and California’s “Lemon Law” Loss of Consortium: Spousal Damages Respondeat Superior in California California’s Elder Abuse Act Driverless Vehicles and Personal Injury Sports and Assumption of Risk California’s Good Samaritan Law An Overview of Mediation in California Personal Injury Jaywalking and Personal Injury Liability Lane-Splitting Bill Stalls in California Legislature Personal Injury and Building Codes Survival Actions in California The Legal Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur Daycare Liability Waivers Daycare Negligence Berkeley Apartment Balcony Collapses Killing 5, Irish Nationals Reported Among Victims Enforcing Settlement Agreements Expanded Insurance Coverage for Rideshare Drivers Comparative Negligence in California Bicycle Accidents and Insurance The One Action Rule What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit? Civil Suits for Sexual Battery What Is Loss of Earning Capacity? Juries in Personal Injury Trials Auto Accidents and Cell Phone Use What Is a Settlement? Part 2 What Is a Settlement? Part 1 Recovery in a Personal Injury Case: General and Punitive Damages The Role of Arbitration in Personal Injury Cases Strict Product Liability: What to Do if You Are Injured by a Product Recovery in a Personal Injury Case: Compensatory Damages Civil Battery in California Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury Cases Types of Defective Products How Can I Afford to Pay for Personal Injury Litigation? The Risks of Driving Without Insurance Civil Suits for Criminal Harm Differences Between Assault and Battery Joint and Several Liability in California The Truth about Texting and Driving in the United States How to Identify Asbestos Contamination in Your Home or Office Things You Can Do When Your Personal Injury Case Has Stalled An Unsupervised Dog Bit Me. Can the Owners Be Held Liable? Can I Sue for a Non-Physical Injury? Can I Sue If a Bicycle Hits Me? I Slipped at a Restaurant and Was Injured. Can I Sue the Owners? How is liability assigned in a personal injury case? How do I Start a Personal Injury Lawsuit? How does California assess fault in motorcycle crashes? How does California prove fault in a personal injury case? Do injuries need to be severe for a personal injury case? What kind of lawyer handles car accidents in San Jose? How did a fatal lion attack happen at a big cat sanctuary? 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