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California car accident attorneysDriverless cars are well on their way to becoming mainstream. True, there are some kinks to work out and some lingering issues that need to be resolved, but the overall consensus is that they are truly the wave of the future. What would happen, though, if a driverless car crashed? Who would be considered liable in this type of automobile accident? This concern was recently discussed at the state Capitol. The following highlights what was discussed, and what it might mean for drivers and other road users.

Discussion Raised More Questions Than It Answered

Heard by the California State Senate Committee on Insurance, the recent discussion over driverless car liability reportedly raised more questions than it answered. The spokesperson for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers did vow that he and his industry would work with legislators and lawmakers to resolve the current issues and concerns. He also requested that lawmakers not pass or deliberate on any laws until they have more information on the challenges that may arise from the addition of more driverless cars on the road.


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San Jose personal injury attorneyIn California, if you are bitten by a dog, you can recover financial damages from its owner to compensate you for your harm. A state statute provides that a dog’s owner is liable for any harms suffered when the dog bites another person. The city of San Jose, however, has its own municipal code that discusses animal bites. It further provides for civil remedies when a person is bitten by another’s dog or other animal.

State Law

Under California state law, the owner of a dog is liable for any damages suffered when the dog bites a person who is in a public place or who is lawfully in a private place. This includes victims who are on the owner’s own property, as long as they are there lawfully.


San Jose auto defect lawyersVehicles might be convenient, but they are also large and dangerous machines. This is why manufacturers are expected to implement certain safety features (i.e. seat belts, air bags, etc.). What happens, though, when manufacturers fail their consumers and create a vehicle with safety defects? What happens when those auto defects cause an injury? Ford may be serving as an example.

Explorer SUV’s Purported Exhaust Leaks

As of February 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had received over 150 complaints from consumers who claimed they had become sick or incapacitated from exhaust fumes in the cabin of their vehicle. One of those complaints came from a California police officer.


California catastrophic injury lawyersOf all the injuries that one can experience in an accident, those involving the brain and spine are often the most devastating. even more concerning is that there is a lack of viable treatment options for individuals with serious brain or spinal injuries. For some, this can equate a loss in quality of life, perhaps permanently, and the possibility of long-term or lifelong disability. A new discovery could change all of that, or may at least mitigate some of the damage. The following explains further.  

Fungus Molecule May Stimulate Regeneration

When a brain or spinal injury occurs, axons are damaged. These microscopic nerve fibers are critical to the central nervous system because they are responsible for carrying transmissions from the brain to the rest of the body. Unfortunately, they are also fragile. They struggle to regenerate once they have been damaged, and in some cases, may continue to deteriorate long after the injury has occurred.


San Jose personal injury attorneysSometimes, a car accident is caused by a person driving a car that he or she does not own. When this is the case, an injured person may have a legal claim against the owner of the vehicle for medical expenses and other damages if the owner negligently entrusted the car to the driver.

A person negligently entrusts a vehicle when he or she knows, or considering the circumstances, should know, that the driver is incompetent or unfit to drive, but nevertheless entrusts the vehicle to the driver’s care. If an injured plaintiff can establish that an injury was proximately caused by the driver’s incompetence or inexperience, the owner of the vehicle may be held liable.

Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle


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