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San Jose personal injury attorneysFor many, riding a motorcycle is one of their favorite activities. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely dangerous. A person on a motorcycle is five times more likely to be injured and a staggering 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone riding in a car.

Motorcycle accidents caused by negligent motor vehicle drivers are common. Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen due to weather conditions or other uncontrollable factors. In other cases, however, drivers of cars and trucks simply fail to account for the motorcyclists around them. Drivers may be distracted by technology such as cell phones or GPS systems. It is also not uncommon for drivers to put motorcyclists in danger by engaging in risky driving behaviors such as lane changes without signaling, failure to yield right of way, following too closely, and not checking their mirrors.

Unique Problems Faced by Motorcycle Riders


San Jose personal injury attorneysLast month, a French automaker launched a free, self-driving shuttle vehicle in downtown Las Vegas with the intention of showing how autonomous vehicles could be used for public transit. Unfortunately, the project’s first day came to a crashing halt, literally, when a semi-truck backed into the driverless shuttle. While the accident was not serious and nobody was hurt, it raised all of the usual questions about the safety of autonomous vehicles and who may be responsible when they are involved in crashes.

Accidents Are Going to Happen

Two years ago, researchers at the University of Michigan took a look at the first million miles driven by autonomous vehicles. At the time, most such vehicles were Google cars, but others were included as well. The study found that driverless vehicles were involved in more accidents per mile than human-piloted cars, though nearly all of the crashes were minor. Most importantly, every single one was the fault of the other vehicle—with a human driver.


San Jose slip and fall injury lawyersSlip and fall injuries are some of the most commonly experienced injuries in America. Stairwell falls, which can result in short-term, long-term, or even permanent disability, are included in that statistic, and under the right situation, victims may be owed compensation for any losses or expenses they may have experienced. Learn more about the injuries that victims may sustain in a stairwell injury, learn how to determine if you may be eligible, and discover what a seasoned attorney can do to assist in your personal injury case.

Stairwell Falls and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Of all the injuries that victims can sustain in a stairwell injury, traumatic brain injury is the most common. It can also be one of the more severe injuries that victims sustain. In the worst of cases, this type of injury can cause extreme swelling of the brain and death. However, even in less severe cases, victims may experience long-term or even life-long complications, such as memory problems, difficulty concentrating, and persistent headaches.


California construction zone accident lawyersRegulated by the federal government, all highway and road construction is supposed to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure the safety of all road users. Sadly, there are many workers, foreman, and contractors who will take shortcuts or ignore the rules. When a victim is injured or killed because of it, they or their loved ones may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about construction negligence and its potential impact on auto accident injuries, and discover how the assistance of an experienced attorney may improve the outcome of your case.

Rules and Regulations Protect Road Users

Roads and vehicles are inherently dangerous, but when you add in construction, the situation can quickly become deadly. That is why the road construction industry is so heavily regulated, with rules that govern everything from the color and placement of construction signs to the turn and merge angles that are considered both safe and acceptable when redirecting traffic.


San Jose sexual abuse injury attorneyOver the last few weeks, sexual harassment and abuse have reached the forefront of public consciousness. While rumors and allegations of sexual misconduct have swirled for years around high-profile figures in the entertainment industry, news outlets all but exploded when a series of accusations were leveled against a particularly famous film producer. Since then, countless other victims have spoken up in news reports and on social media about instances of abuse perpetrated by actors, comedians, doctors, supervisors, managers, and others.

As such stories have come to light, it is reasonable to wonder why so many victims have stayed quiet about their experiences for so long. In some cases, they fear embarrassment or ostracism. Others may have convinced themselves that they were at least partially to blame. There is, however, another concern. Many of these cases involve alleged abuse by employers against employees who were required to sign non-disclosure agreements as a condition of their employment.

Common Uses for Non-Disclosures


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