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San Jose motorcycle accident lawyersAlthough most studies have found that limb and head injuries are the most common among riders, not all age groups are affected the same by a motorcycle crash. In fact, one of the first comprehensive studies comparing different age groups of riders found that older individuals are far more likely to sustain thoracic injuries than younger ones. Learn what this could mean for yourself or someone you love during a crash, and discover how an attorney can help increase your chances of receiving full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Age May Influence the Odds of Thoracic Injury

Thoracic injuries, or those sustained to the chest or abdomen, can be especially devastating for victims and their families. They may lead to punctured or ruptured organs, internal bleeding, rib fractures, pelvic fractures, and other potentially fatal injuries. Sadly, it appears that older riders may be more likely to sustain these types of injuries. Given that this age group may also be more susceptible to postoperative issues, such as infection or an inability to fully recover, that could mean that older riders may also have an increased risk of disability or death.


California distracted driving accident lawyersAlthough texting while driving is strictly prohibited in most states - California included - it continues to be one of the biggest contributing factors in auto accident deaths in America. In fact, it is the exact reason that a local mother is grieving the loss of her son. The accident happened, despite the numerous discussions with her son. Now she plans to do something about it. Learn more about this mother’s journey, and discover what you can do if you or someone you love is injured in an accident by a distracted driver.

A Mother’s Grief

It has been three months since the California woman last hugged her son goodbye. He was on his way to work, had taken the highway, and was apparently sending a text while driving in the fast lane. Though it may not have been the reason for him losing control of his vehicle, it was likely a contributing factor to the accident. He rolled the car and it went over an embankment. Though people ran to rescue him, it was already too late. He died almost instantly.


San Jose personal injury attorneyAn amusement ride called Fire Ball recently malfunctioned killing one rider and injuring several others. The ride, which was assembled at the Ohio State Fair, is a swinging pendulum ride which spins as it takes riders back and forth. Similar rides are found at fairs and amusement parks around the country. A video taken by a spectator shows a row of seats dislodging from the ride and falling to the ground. Passengers can be seen being thrown from the ride. One young man was killed in the accident, and his family is now seeking justice through a wrongful death lawsuit. His family says that the 18-year-old has just joined the Marines. At least two other riders are in still in critical condition, and one is in serious condition.

Investigators Do Not Yet Know the Cause of the Malfunction

Inspectors say that the Fire Ball ride in Ohio had passed inspection prior to the accident—which occurred on opening night of the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. Mark Kitrick, the attorney for the deceased victim’s  family, is not convinced that the ride was safe. "It's a fault issue, who's at fault…I mean inspections, were they done properly? Was there a rush? Were they really done the way they should have been? Who assembled it and how did it get assembled in such a way to lead to this failure?” Kitrick hired an accident reconstruction team and investigator to gather evidence that might lead to the cause of the ride malfunction. At this point, he is not sure what compensation he will seek for the family of the deceased.


San Jose auto accident injury lawyersAt the beginning of 2017, California enacted a law that made using a cell phone behind the wheel illegal. Unfortunately, the rate of accidents throughout the nation is still rising. Officials from the National Safety Council say that distracted driving and opioid abuse are driving factors. Learn more about your rights, should you or someone you love experience an accident with a drugged or distracted driver with help from the following information.

Drugged Driving Accidents

The opioid epidemic has been growing for some time now. In fact, a recent analysis determined that doctor shopping and painkiller abuse is a serious issue, even for those on state insurance. Sadly, many of these drivers get behind the wheel, putting themselves and others at risk. To make matters worse, some drugged drivers are so intoxicated, they literally pass out from an overdose while driving. Should you or someone you love experience an accident with one of these drivers, it is crucial that you contact emergency professionals immediately (overly intoxicated drivers may need medication to survive). It is also advised that you seek assistance from an experienced lawyer when pursuing your claim.


b2ap3_thumbnail_whiplash-neck-injury-car-accident.jpgIn most rear-end car accidents, there is a sudden jolt as the vehicles collide. The occupants of the leading car—which is often stopped or moving at slow speed—may be thrown forward against their seat belts as a result of the crash. Their heads, however, are often not as quick to move forward, resulting instead in a sharp backward motion of the head followed by a bounce forward. Under such conditions, it is not uncommon for a person to suffer whiplash, which can lead to long-term pain and complications.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a relatively common neck injury that occurs as the result of a sudden acceleration-deceleration force that causes a person’s head to jerk forward and backward quickly. Medical professionals consider whiplash a type of neck strain which is caused by damage to the muscles and tendons, but many people use the term “whiplash” in reference to structural bone damage as well. Pain is the primary symptom of whiplash but others include:


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