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San Jose bicycle accident injury lawyerCycling has grown in popularity over the last ten years, with great reason. Over the past five years alone, the number of cyclists in the United States rose from around 51 million to more than 66 million. In addition to the physical benefits that cycling offers by providing an excellent, low impact workout for all of the major muscle groups, cyclists can realize financial benefits when they choose to ride instead of driving. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, Americans spend approximately $9,000 annually commuting to and from work, and these costs can be greatly reduced by cycling to work some or all of the time. 

Unfortunately, since cyclists must share the road with much larger and heavier vehicles, they are at risk of serious injury when they are involved in car accidents. For any cyclist, bicycle injuries are an ever-present threat, especially in larger cities.

Bicycle Accident Statistics


San Jose personal injury attorneysIt seems as if during the last decade or so, the news has been full of reports of car accidents caused by texting while driving. There are many billboard, television, and radio ads that warn of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. If a driver cruising at 55 mph takes just 5 seconds to look at a text message on a cell phone, for example, he or she will have had his or her eyes off of the road long enough to cover a football field. When your eyes are not on the road, you are essentially driving blind. While texting and driving is extremely dangerous, there are other ways in which drivers get distracted that are potentially just as deadly.

Startling Statistics About Driving With Children

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, an estimated nine people lose their lives and over 1000 are injured in an accident caused by distracted driving every day. It is often difficult to determine exactly what caused a driver to become distracted before causing a car accident. Drivers may simply not remember or they are hesitant to admit that they had their eyes off of the road.


San Jose product liability lawyersUnder California’s product liability law, businesses who manufacture or sell consumer products are liable for any injuries caused by defects in those products. Throughout the last few decades, millions of products have needed to be recalled after it was discovered that they posed a danger to consumers. The following products were ones that required safety recalls in staggering numbers due to the serious dangers they posed:

Infantino SlingRider

These stretchy slings are intended to allow a person to carry an infant while allowing the wearer use of his or her hands and arms. The sling was designed hold the infant close to the person wearing the product and, unfortunately, posed a severe suffocation risk. Approximately one million of the baby carriers were recalled in 2010. Infantino admitted that the SlingRider presented a "risk of suffocation" when used with infants younger than 4 months. Several infant deaths have been blamed on the product, including one which resulted in the baby’s mother receiving an $8 million settlement.


San Jose defective airbag lawyersOver 43 million Takata inflators have been recalled since 2001. Sadly, only around half of them have been replaced. Now, with another 3.3 million vehicles being added to the list of recalls, drivers continue to face the risk of an injury from these defective devices. Learn more about what your rights may be if you or a loved one have been injured by a defective airbag, and discover how an experienced personal injury lawyer can assist with the process.

Drivers Experience Delays When Seeking Replacement of Takata Airbags

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says the Takata airbag recall is unprecedented, which is apparently why drivers are experiencing such major delays in receiving a replacement for their defective airbags. Much of it is due to the difficulty that manufacturers are experiencing in obtaining the parts that are needed. Sadly, the reasoning does nothing for drivers who continue to be at risk when they drive their vehicles – usually out of necessity – while they await a replacement for their defective airbag.


San Jose sexual assault injury lawyersSchools are mandated reporters of abuse, meaning they are legally required to file a report with law enforcement and/or the state’s Child Protective Services agency if they suspect or hear of physical or sexual abuse against one of their students. Any failure to do so is not only considered endangerment of the child or children in question, it is also a crime. Presentation, a prestigious Catholic girls’ school in San Jose, California, is currently facing such allegations.

Robert Allard, an attorney with Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP has uncovered reports of sexual abuse from 17 different victims. Occurring over the span of three decades, the allegations were reported to the school by teachers, parents, and the victims themselves, but the school allegedly never reported the complaints of sexual abuse.

Mandated reporters are also barred from conducting their own investigations. In 2012, Lyn Vijayendran, principal at O.B. Whaley Elementary in San Jose at the time, was convicted of a crime after failing to report a student’s explicit account of a possible sexual act that a teacher may have taken while alone with the student in a classroom. She was also found guilty of trying to conduct her own interview, which ultimately led to the destruction of what may have been concrete evidence in the sex abuse case. Presentation is being accused of similar acts – not just the failure to report, but also possibly trying to conduct their own investigations.


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