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Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

Have you slipped or tripped, fallen, and suffered a serious injury such as a broken bone, slipped disk or head trauma? Could the owner of the property where you fell have avoided your injury by removing a slippery or uneven surface or warning against it?

Suffering from a Slip or Trip and Fall Injury?

At the law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard in San Jose, we help slip and fall accident victims bring premises liability claims to seek compensation for their injuries. We work hard to hold the appropriate parties accountable. For a free consultation with a skilled trial attorney, contact a lawyer today. You will pay nothing unless we win your case. Call 408-673-9153.

Bringing Claims Against All Types of Property Owners

While most slip and fall accidents cause only minor injuries, it is possible to suffer a major injury such as a fracture or a spinal cord injury in a slip and fall incident. In some cases, complications arising from a fall can eventually be fatal.

Most slip and fall accidents occur at commercial properties such as supermarkets and shopping malls, but they occur at many other types of properties as well.

Under California premises liability law, all types of property owners — including commercial, residential, public and industrial property owners, and municipalities — owe at least some duties to the people who they invite or allow onto their premises.

From Elderly Falls to Child Falls, Our San Jose Attorneys Carefully Document Every Aspect of Your Case

The skilled personal injury trial lawyers at our firm have experience helping young and elderly victims of slip and fall accidents obtain fair compensation for their serious injuries. We work closely with top-notch experts to investigate accident circumstances and evaluate our clients' injuries.

We are respected throughout Northern California and nationwide for our devotion to doing whatever it takes to help injured people get fair money damages from those responsible for their injuries. Our law firm serves San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, Gilroy and other Bay Area cities. Don't hesitate to contact an attorney to discuss your case; call 408-673-9153.

$310,000 for an elderly man who slipped and fell and as a consequence broke his hip as a result of some soapy water negligently left behind by a fast food restaurant employee