Defective Children Toy Injuries

When manufacturers and retailers put toys into the hands of children, they need to ensure that those toys are reasonably safe for their intended recipients. If your child has been seriously hurt by a defective or dangerous toy, you may have a legal claim.

Has Your Child Been Injured by a Defective Toy?

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Understanding Safety Standards for Toys

Children's toys — like all consumer products — need to be designed to withstand the normal level of use that can reasonably be expected from the average user. When the average user is a child, the behavior of children at the intended age level needs to be considered.

Children often put toys in their mouths, throw them and otherwise play with them roughly. Manufacturers and retailers know this and need to take special care with children's toys.

Unfortunately, all too often, companies manufacture unsafe toys that create choking hazards and other dangers such as lead paint exposure. Then they fail to provide adequate warnings to parents. As a result, children can suffer serious injuries and even fatalities.

Holding Manufacturers and Retailers Accountable

Under California product liability law, retailers as well as manufacturers (which are often located overseas) can be held accountable for unsafe children's toys. This applies even when a company such as a fast food restaurant gives unsafe toys away.

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