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When to Take the Keys Away

With the average age in the United States increasing each year, and a larger population of individuals over the age of 65, our nation’s roadways have a rising number of elderly drivers. For the most part, this is not an issue, since older drivers may be more careful and have more experience behind the wheel.

But there is a tipping point: As people age, their reflexes decline, some lose sight and hearing, and they may suffer from dementia. The combination of any of these can be a recipe for disaster behind the wheel.

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury Risk for California Student-Athletes

Awareness of concussions and their potentially debilitating long-term effects has increased rapidly in recent years, but nowhere more so than in the National Football League. Reports of veteran pro football players dealing with dementia and sometimes committing suicide have prompted the National Football League to make major improvements in how a concussion – a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) – is diagnosed and treated. Teams have implemented stringent protocols in assessing the effects of a concussion before the players are allowed to resume playing.

But adults aren’t the only ones playing football. It’s a popular sport for participants of all ages, including teens in the San Jose area. Concussions to players at the high school level have fallen under increased scrutiny as traumatic brain injuries have become better understood. In California, the state has implemented laws in recent years aimed at protecting student-athletes from injury.

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Tragic California Bus Accident Leads to Death of Young Professional

It was a fun, responsible way to celebrate a birthday. A group of friends rented a party bus in the Los Angeles area so they could enjoy their evening without worrying about who would refrain from celebrating and serve as the designated driver. Unfortunately, due to a bus accident, the evening took a tragic turn.

It began when Christopher “C.J.” Saraceno, a 24 year-old brand-content manager with NCLUSIVE Inc., went to the front of the bus to change the music. While changing the music the bus swerved and the young professional was propelled into the doors. The doors of the bus opened and Mr. Saraceno fell onto Freeway 101 in Los Angeles shortly after midnight. He was struck by multiple vehicles and received injuries that ultimately lead to his death.

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